Delivery Information

Shipping and Cancellation
Standard sizes Products will be Shipped to your registered address with in 1 week to 10 days from the date ofpurchase with 100% advance payment.Custom Sizes will be shipped as per the product manufacturing guidelinesCancellation will be accepted for Standard sizes Products and should be made with in 48 hours from the dateof purchase by Mail or registered post.Cancellation will not be accepted for custom made products.

Refund and return
Standard sizes purchased at Aaspa Blinds are eligible for exchange or refund of the purchase price on theoriginal method of payment submitting the original bills.
 Custom Made Sizes purchased at Aaspa Blinds are not eligible for exchange or refund.Standard Itemm purchased at Aaspa blinds are not eligible for exchange or refund beyond 10 days from thedate of purchase.Valid photo identification is required for all non-receipted returns or exchanges. Aaspa Blinds reserves theright to limit returns or exchanges without a valid receipt.Product to be returned as per the packing norms of aaspa blinds.broken products will not be accepted forrefund or return.Payment will be returned on the confirmation of the proper receipt and the same will be made through the original payment method with in 7 working days from the confirmation mail.